My name is Tim McEvoy, I was born in Omaha.  I'm still here.  I was raised on hotdogs and catholicism.

My minor art achievements include:  Vice president of my high school art club, three sad years of college where I studied art, printmaking, and technical drawing. I have no degree, but I learned a few things.  I opened my own screen printing business for about three years. I've shown work in many group shows. I have had two solo shows, one at the now defunct coffee shop, "Shock" and one at the Dark Room Gallery, both in Omaha. I work primarily with acrylics on canvas.

top ten things I put in my mouth
1. pickle
2. hotdog
3. hamburger
4. apple
5. banana
6. pizza
7. toothbrush
8. salad
9. soda
10. bacon

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